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External Examiners
AISABE has External Examiners on board from the following UK Universities;
  1. The University of Hull
  2. The University of Chester
  3. University of East London

AISABE external Examiners are responsible for the moderation and assessment of exams. The policy is given below.

Assessment Board and External Examiners

The assessment board shall be responsible for considering and monitoring the standard of student achievement and the confirmation of marks for the assessment and reassessment of individual students whether they met all the requirements of the course. Any mitigating circumstances submitted by students, such as financial, family and / or ill-health are considered by a panel, which are presented to the Assessment Board. Every taught course has minimum one external examiner. The main job is to ensure that assessments have been carried out fairly and consistently. External examiner reviews, evaluates and moderates the assessment process carried out by internal examiners. He/she also provides a written report to the board of studies on the assessment process and on the standards of student attainment. External examiner remains available until the last assessments with which he/she is to be associated in order to deal with any subsequent reviews of decisions. 

Conflict of Interest Policy

News Header

11 08 2017

Approval of Customised Awards by NCFE

We are pleased to announce that NCFE has approved our customised award i.e. Level 7 Dipin BBS and Level 7 Dip in CSA...


23 05 2017

Nigeria Office

We are pleased to announce the opening of AISABE regional office in Lagos, Nigeria.


21 10 2016

PgD ISA Ofqual recognition

We are pleased to announce that our Level 7 Diploma in Information Security and Assurance qualification is now on Ofqual register of approved qualifications through ATHE...


16 09 2016

Level 7 in Cyber Security and Assurance

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a Leel 7 Diploma in Cyber Security and Assurance...


16 09 2016

Recognition - NCFE

AISABE is in discussion with NCFE for the recognition of our qualifications...


05 09 2016

MSc Cyber Security

We are pleased to announce that our PgD ISA is now acceptable for progression to MSc Cyber Security...


19 07 2016

ISACA Curriculum Alignment

Our Academic Team is currently aligning PgD ISA course curriculum with ISACA CISA and CISM curriculum. We are expecting to submit the alignment to ISACA by Sep 2016.