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UKBA Compliance

AISABE qualifications are approved under Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance as par paragraph 227 (version 06/11) and paragraph 212 (version 10/10), which states the following; 

The paragraph clearly states that “An approved qualification for UKBA purposes is one, which is covered by a formal legal agreement between a United Kingdom recognised body and another education provider or awarding body, which must be signed off by an authorised signatory for institutional agreements within the recognised body. The agreement must confirm the recognised body’s own independent assessment of the level of the institution’s or awarding body’s programme in relation to the National Qualifications Framework (or its equivalents), and also state that any student who successfully completes the education provider’s or awarding body’s named course can be admitted onto a specific or a range of degree-level courses offered by the recognised body.”

As par the above paragraph, AISABE is the “awarding body” and University is the “recognised body” with whom AISABE has progression agreements.

Tier 4 Policy Guidance Version 10/10 


Tier 4 Policy Guidance Version 06/11



NOTE: Our agreements have been reviewed by UKBA and they are found to be in accordance with UKBA Tier 4 Policy Guidance for approved qualifications. For more information please email us at enquiries@aisabe.org.uk.
News Header

11 08 2017

Approval of Customised Awards by NCFE

We are pleased to announce that NCFE has approved our customised award i.e. Level 7 Dipin BBS and Level 7 Dip in CSA...


23 05 2017

Nigeria Office

We are pleased to announce the opening of AISABE regional office in Lagos, Nigeria.


21 10 2016

PgD ISA Ofqual recognition

We are pleased to announce that our Level 7 Diploma in Information Security and Assurance qualification is now on Ofqual register of approved qualifications through ATHE...


16 09 2016

Level 7 in Cyber Security and Assurance

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a Leel 7 Diploma in Cyber Security and Assurance...


16 09 2016

Recognition - NCFE

AISABE is in discussion with NCFE for the recognition of our qualifications...


05 09 2016

MSc Cyber Security

We are pleased to announce that our PgD ISA is now acceptable for progression to MSc Cyber Security...


19 07 2016

ISACA Curriculum Alignment

Our Academic Team is currently aligning PgD ISA course curriculum with ISACA CISA and CISM curriculum. We are expecting to submit the alignment to ISACA by Sep 2016.